Cornice and Frieze, 1225 Pearl St. Boulder
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The “Double D Law” logo has many meanings. It is, at base, a Double D: like Darrell Daley, our founder. But, as a logo, it is a spiral or a maze, both rich in spiritual meaning. Darrell is part Irish, Celtic that is. And he is a member of the Chickasaw Nation, a proud and historic indigenous tribe of the Native Americas.

In Celtic art and symbolism, the spiral symbol represents many things, including consciousness, awareness, and connectivity.  We are not sure what all this means, but the Web tells us it is about the place where “dreams and intuition take hold” and is described by words such as “balance, progress, direction, initiation, expansion, connection and development.”  We embrace these concepts at The Daley Law Firm.


Our logo also acknowledges the Chickasaw Nation, as the spiral is integral to the tribe’s logo. The tribe tells us the spiral symbolizes “Wind”, which represents everyone’s passage from birth through life and into the afterlife, encompassing their history, emotional heritage, and architecture. Whatever wind has brought you to The Daley Law Firm, we will strive to understand your story and do our best to win for you, civilly.